House Intercom System

In this day and age, insecurity is a major concern for the society and international community as a whole. Even more, with the proliferation of small arms into the civilian population; the society is increasingly becoming unsafe, and we have to safeguard our homes. An intercom system does more than just keeping open communication lines between family members. An intercom is a worthy investment when it comes to protecting your family at home.

Family members can be separated by rooms, but an intercom system will enable them to have an open channel of communication or monitor one another within the house. Consequently, it is easy to put the rest of the family members on alert should anyone realize unusual or suspicious activities within and around the house. You can equally monitor vulnerable members of your family (such as a baby, young children, the elderly or sick) who are unable to defend themselves in the case of intrusion or any security threat.

A house intercom system can be used for surveillance purpose and minimize the risk of having physical contact with an intruder. It is easy to confirm the identity of a guest who is at the front door whenever the doorbell rings. A peephole or chain places one insignificant proximity to a potential threat and increases chances of intrusion. Other security systems such as motion detectors and burglar alarm can be connected to the system to create a complete security ring around a home.

Your security needs will define how much you need to invest in home security. Indulge a professional security firm for procurement and installation of your home security system. There are various systems available with different features that serve more than the security purpose. A security alarm is a must have for safety conscious, it can be the difference between life and death.

5 emergency situations for which you need home security system

Home security systems can help to prevent different kinds of home emergency situations. These are the five emergency situations when home security system can help you.

1. Break-ins

Home security systems can help intruders to break in. Modern home security systems have door and window sensors, motion detection cameras, etc. to help you protect your home. Monitoring professionals are available to alert you using text or email when something goes wrong in the house.

2. Safety of pets, children, and elderly

Today’s security cameras can capture footage of your children that you can watch from any mobile device. You can also monitor the activities of an older adult at home. Some security systems connect to emergency pendants that people can wear and which can be used to alert you in the case of emergency.

3. Fires

Smoke detectors are part of home security system. The detectors are important in sensing smoke and fire. Smoke detectors can alert you to any potential fire. The alarm monitoring team can help you get emergency services.

4. Water leaks and floods

If flooding goes undetected, it can cause severe damage to your home. That’s why there are water and flood sensors available that can detect excess water and notify you of the problem. Whether the flood damage is due to faulty pipes in a home or natural disaster, when water and flood sensors are monitored, you can save a lot of money.

5. Carbon monoxide leaks

Carbon monoxide is colourless and odourless. It is often called a ‘silent killer’. If you have carbon monoxide detector, then you can protect yourself and your family from breathing carbon monoxide.

Security system can be helpful to deal with the problems just discussed. There are various home security systems available to help you live comfortably and safely at home.

Top 3 features you can expect from a modern home security system

A high-quality modern security system will safeguard your home and loved ones. The advancement in home security technology has let the top security system suppliers provide more sophisticated solutions for their clients. Here are the top features of a modern home security system.

Wireless technology

Every home security system now has wireless technology. The wireless cameras and sensors are now reliable. The connection between the central monitoring system and house has also become wireless now. The advanced security systems are now protected with cellular backup.

Camera technology

Advances in imaging and video technology have given the house owners improved security. Now you can get full-color HD camera feeds that are inserted into devices that are small enough to merge into the home décor. So, you or anyone else won’t even realise that there is something installed on the wall.

Home automation technology

Now it is possible to merge two-way wireless contact with mobile app improvement. The latest home automation systems provide options to see what is happening in your home. It also helps to manage it from any place. You can monitor all kinds of real-time information regarding your system from your smartphone. You can also view the feed from your security system’s camera directly on your mobile device.

Even the simple home security features have improved. Today’s home security system can provide protection against intrusion and fire. With so many advanced home security system, house owners no longer have to worry about the safety of their home.