How a Home Warranty Complements Home Security and Automation Systems

Nowadays, a lot of homes are benefiting from automation systems coupled with home security systems. Does this mean that home warranty plans are no longer needed? No, not at all. Many people are surprised when we recommend that these complement their security and automation systems.

Below we will discuss some of the systems that are widely available and used in homes, and how home warranties can provide the essential  coverage that they need:

The Home Alarm Systems

The primary objective of the various home security systems, and companies, that exist is to ensure that your house is protected, right? All of the utilities that they provide are directed towards the fulfillment of this core objective. However, is the mere installation of a home alarm system enough to ensure that your house is protected and not prone to any losses, whatsoever? Is the guarantee that you will receive a text message on your phone enough to keep you far from worrying about the safety of your house when you are away from it? Is the mere presence of a home alarm system sufficient to give you the peace of mind that you, rightfully, deserve?

The answer is no.

The reason for this negativity lies in the fact that home security and alarm systems are, majorly, designed to notify the homeowners, in case of the occurrence of unfavorable events. It does not matter how advanced the technology that is being employed is, nor does the complication of the system bear any weight on the matter. The fact of the matter is that home alarm systems, naturally, cannot provide complete security. However, they can be complemented, significantly, by the purchase of a home warranty. Here is why:

They Don’t Provide Security

The utility of home alarm systems is that they, merely, serve to notify you of anything that might happen at your home in your absence. They do nothing to prevent, say, your house from being robbed, right? Having a home insurance, in such a situation, would provide you coverage for the loss you suffered at the hands of the robbers. The evidence from the alarm system would benefit you, not only, with your insurance claim but also with the apprehension of the thieves who dared to raid your house while you were away.

The Subtle Threats Remain Undetected

When it comes to your electrical appliances, it is the subtle threats—like voltage fluctuations—that do the most damage. Such threats are, usually, beyond home alarm systems, meaning that you are oblivious of their existence until the damage has already been done to your appliances. The presence of home warranty ensures that the various threats to your appliances are catered for and covered. It is imperative, therefore, to negotiate such terms with your home warranty company with which you will be comfortable and covered in every, possible, way.

The Use of Environmental Sensors

Do you believe in psychics? You don’t, right? Who, in their right mind, would choose to believe in a person who claims to foresee the future and prevent disasters? But what if I were to tell you that you should believe in the foresight and prevention of disasters, at least in the matters of your home? With the rapid development of science and technology, such environmental sensors are available for commercial usage, which are ideal for places like kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. They can sense leaks in pipes before they burst or detect the rising room temperature that might lead to a fire. To put it short, they are nothing less than psychics and their foresight can give you enough time to take necessary action for the protection of your valuables and life.

Environmental sensors, too, are complemented immensely by home warranties and insurances. Here’s why:

Mitigation of Risks Requires Repairs

On top of the detection of possible disasters, the basic function of environmental sensors is to detect any repairs that might be needed, if you think about it. For example, if the sensors detect a leaking pipe or a wire of an appliance that is heating up, what it essentially means is that the appliances and components will need to be immediately repaired to mitigate the risk of any catastrophe. A home warranty can come in handy, in such situations, for it will take care of the entire hassle of repairs, leaving your peace of mind and bank account intact. The service provided varies, obviously, from company to company.

In Case Disaster Hits

There can be circumstances when there is no possible way to prevent a catastrophe from happening. There might come a time when you only have enough time to save yourself, your family and a few valuables, while everything else is swallowed by a catastrophe—for example, a household fire. Having a home insurance can help you, manifold, in such a situation for it would mean that all of the damages to your house and property will be taken care of by the home insurance company. Environmental sensors will save your life while home insurances will protect your wealth and peace of mind.

The Home Automation Systems

Are you one of those people who are in love with the phenomenon of home automation? Don’t worry, for most people share your addiction. I mean, who would not love the chance to have the control of the various appliances at their home, at their fingertips, even when they are away from home? Whether it is about controlling your room temperature or opening the door with the mere utterance of something like “Open Sesame,” the wonders of home automation are for one and all to behold.

Home automation is great, no doubt, but the system, on the whole, requires adequate maintenance to ensure the smooth operation of every component of it. However, even proper maintenance, at times, does not guarantee that the parts will not require a repair job or replacement. It is due to this reason that it is imperative for automated homes to have home warranty coverage to act as a buffer for the various appliances. Here is why:

Home Automation Systems Are Expensive

I am sure that it needs no telling that the price of getting your home automated is very high. Or were you expecting to receive the kind of perks that home automation has got to offer for free? Regardless of your budget and lifestyle choices, you are bound to feel the crunch on your bank account when fulfilling your dream of home automation. It is essential, under such circumstances, that adequate measures are taken for the protection of the investment that you have made on the automation of your home. The best method of doing just that would be to, perhaps, purchase a home warranty plan for your automated home.

Home warranty plans provide coverage in matters of repairs and replacements of your appliances. The coverage varies, obviously, by the plan that you have purchased. What makes such a coverage so precious is the fact that a mere, payment of the yearly premium for the home warranty plan ensures that the high expenses of the repairs and replacements will be taken care of by the home warranty company. Such coverage will grant you the peace of mind that your automated appliances will need not be repaired from your pocket. You will need to maintain these appliances adequately, though.

The Problem of Finding a Trustable Contractor

In case the components and appliances involved in your automated home system are damaged and need to be repaired, it would be imperative to choose a trustable contractor for the repair job. The need of a trustable contractor is further exaggerated in such a situation considering the magnitude of the investment that you have made in your home.

But what if you do not know a contractor who can be trusted wholeheartedly? Such a problem can prove to be costly, no doubt, but it can be adequately taken care of with a home warranty. When you purchase a home warranty plan, it is the home warranty company’s responsibility to designate a trustable contractor who can adequately take care of any repairs and replacements that might be needed. However, homeowners should know that the contractors that the substandard home warranty companies, at times, provide are not trustable, at all. Such contractors may, easily, prove to do more harm than good, making you rue the day you chose the substandard home warranty company in the process.

The importance of doing business with the best home warranty companies cannot be stressed upon enough for such companies know how to earn profits and take care of their customers, at the same time. If you are going to grace your house with state of the art automation and security, you might as well provide your investment some coverage with home insurances and warranties. You won’t regret it!